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Zen (15-Serving Beverage Booster)

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Herbal Infusions has always tried to stay on the bleeding edge of hemp cannabinoid wellness innovation. But I must say we have out done ourselves with our latest product offering. It is called “ZEN” and it can only be described as the first true THC-FREE perceptive cannabinoid experience. Using a revolutionary solubility technology, “ZEN” delivers its meditative experience with extreme haste (5-15 minutes). In addition to the expedient delivery, we utilize a precisely measured blend of three solubilized cannabinoids consisting of 7mg CBN, 7mg CBG, and 21mg CBD per serving. This blend instills a rapid sense of mindful peace, and relaxation. The majority of our test group over 100 volunteers found the effects to be very noticeable.

They raved about its ability to calm that ever present and sometimes overwhelming voice in our heads.

This 15-serving option of ZEN makes it so easy to add to the drink of your choice. Just drop it in mix for 15-30 seconds and you have dosed the becerage of your choosing. Now you can have that meditative experience anytime you feel the need to center your thoughts and relax your mind.

Many of the test subjects really enjoyed taking the shots before bed as they found it would allow them to quickly drift off to sleep.

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