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Meditative CBD Massage Oil For Pregnancy Relief

Today I would like to share the experience my fiancé and I had while using the Meditative Massage Oil from Herbal Infusions during her pregnancy. We love this company because we truly believe in the impact these products can have on our customers’ lives. Make sure to check out our Meditative Massage Oil and other products on our online store.

Initial Doctor’s Visit

We wanted to make sure that it was safe to use these products during pregnancy so we asked our Doctor about it beforehand. Although he said he couldn’t professionally recommend CBD — because there hasn’t been enough research to support it as a recommendation — he hasn’t seen or read anything from the initial research that would make him feel the need to discourage us from trying it if it was something we believed in.

Aching Feet — Relief at Last

We recently launched our Meditative Massage Oil and Cream and I was lucky enough to get to take some of the Meditative Massage Oil home to review. I’m glad I did, because this oil worked wonders for my fiance’s aching feet and back during her pregnancy. Before using this oil I was rubbing her feet until my hands hurt and that still wasn’t enough. Now I spend a few minutes rubbing this on, and even though I’m no massage therapist she says she can feel the tension and pain melting away. The best part was the next day when she went to work.

All Day Comfort

She works in retail, and was standing for eight hours at a time. After using this oil, she came home and was in such a great mood — it wasn’t until I asked how her feet were feeling that she made the connection. She was absolutely elated. She said this was the first time since her first trimester that she can remember where her feet were not killing her all day. I decided a full body rub down was in order, and it didn’t disappoint.

No More Back Pain

My fiance’s aching back, feet, and arms felt tension free, and after three weeks of testing it at home we found that a good rub in (and I mean literally just rubbing it in for a few minutes with a flat hand) was providing up to two days of pain relief and relaxation! The results were not only instantly noticeable within the first few seconds of rubbing it in, but it lasts for two days.

Not Too Oily

As this is massage specific oil, it does stay oily longer so you can rub the same area for about 2 minutes, but one night I was super tired so I kinda phoned it in. She was really greasy when we laid down to go to bed, and I was so worried I stained the sheets. The next morning I checked the sheets, and to my delight and surprise there was no stain.

Bring Some Along to Your Next Massage

I had scheduled a professional massage for my fiance and I encouraged her to bring the bottle of Meditative Massage with her. We asked for permission ahead of time to bring it, and the therapist was hesitant at first because she was nervous that if it smelled she couldn’t allow that because some of her client’s might be hypoallergenic. We said we absolutely understand, and if she finds that our oil smells, we don’t have to use it. The therapist smelled the oil, and said it didn’t smell like she expected (I’m not sure what she expected, but was relieved she would use it). The deep tissue work with the lotion and the massage therapist left her with relief for a week. I decided to follow up with the massage therapist to get her thoughts.

She said that one of her later clients’ that day made mention that there was an aroma in the room, not a bad one, but an earthy aroma. She said she was surprised that it wasn’t greasy at all, and that the cream (second massage she used the Meditative Massage Cream sample I’d left her) definitely was heat activated and that she had to adjust and put a little less on her arm than she normally did, but that was minimal. She felt both the CBD oil and the CBD cream provided great glide while maintaining good grip, and asked for pricing to stock so that she could begin offering CBD massages as an upcharge for an upgraded massage option.

Concluding Thoughts

My overall review of this product is that it makes for a great CBD massage for home use, but really shines in the professional massage world. With 2000mg of activated CBD it is one of the higher dosages that I’ve seen on the market containing almost five times as much CBD as some leading competitors. That being said you might expect the price point to be close to $200, but Herbal Infusions got into this business because they felt that consumers were getting ripped off. We want everyone who wants to try CBD to be able to afford a viable amount. That’s why we’ve priced the Meditative Massage Cream at only $59.99 for an 8oz bottle — and because the oil is easier to manufacture it only costs $49.99 for an 8oz bottle of Meditative Massage oil.

Try Some Today!

If you’ve ever wanted to see if CBD works for you because it doesn’t work the same for all people, you can buy an affordable CBD product that you know will have a significantly viable amount of CBD every time you buy from Herbal Infusions. This way you can be certain if it does or does not work for you when buying from Herbal Infusions.

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