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CBD Massage FAQs

As CBD products become more and more popular, spas and massage therapists are offering CBD infused massages using topical CBD creams and oils. CBD is an exploding wellness trend — and for good reason! With the right CBD product, you can truly feel the difference.

That being said, not all CBD products are alike. Here at Herbal Infusions, we create only the best premium hemp oil products, including our CBD massage oil. Our Colorado-based company uses full-spectrum CBD hemp oil, which contains the most cannabinoid-rich hemp oil available. Our products are more than just CBD, and we’re confident that you’ll feel the difference!

In today’s blog post, we’ll be answering a few of the commonly asked questions we get around CBD massage. Continue reading to learn more, visit our CBD and Massage resource page, and shop our Skin Care & Massage products, including our CBD Massage Oil.

Can CBD Oil Be Used For Massage?

Of course! While you can use any CBD topical for a massage, it’s best to use a CBD product specifically designed for massage — especially if you’re in a spa setting. Our Herbal Infusions CBD Massage Oil is 2019’s “Hemp Body Product of the Year” and a great choice for your spa or yourself.

What Is A CBD Massage?

A CBD massage is a massage performed with CBD massage oil or other CBD-infused oils and creams. CBD is non-psychoactive — not to be confused with THC, the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant. Our CBD products are made with full-spectrum premium hemp oil and are legal in all 50 states. When incorporated into a massage, the hemp oil is simply used during the massage instead of traditional massage oil.

What Are The Benefits of CBD Massage Oil?

Our full-spectrum massage oil is infused with terpene-rich hemp extracts to provide the very best in healing hemp properties. If you’d like to learn more about cannabinoid wellness, visit our resource page.

Anti-Inflammatory & Pain-Relieving

CBD applied to the skin helps lower pain and inflammation. Not only does this make for a better massage, but it also means that the massage therapist benefits from the pain-relieving properties in their hands as well!


Several studies have show that CBD is an antioxidant. This is especially true with full-spectrum hemp products like the ones in our collections because the effect takes place through triggering the cannabinoid receptors in our endocannabinoid system.

In order for the full antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits to work, you need all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, essential fatty acids, and other beneficial phytochemicals found in the hemp flower.

Stress Relief

Along with pain relief and antioxidant properties, CBD massage oil can also help reduce stress symptoms. A massage is already a great way to relieve stress and when you add CBD massage oil, you simply increase the stress-relieving effects. CBD has been shown to reduce stress symptoms related to social anxiety and PTSD, and it also may have other effects that promote relaxation, like aromatherapeutic effects.

How Do You Use CBD Massage Oil?

Just like any other massage oil!

What is The Difference Between a CBD Massage and a Regular Massage?

The difference is the CBD massage oil! When it comes to a CBD massage in a spa setting, the technique usually doesn’t change. That way clients can truly tell the difference between a massage with and without CBD, as opposed to comparing the massage techniques.

Are There Side Effects?

While more research needs to be done, topical CBD has not been tied to side effects. It is safe and legal and in all 50 states.

Why Should Spas Offer CBD Massages?

The simple answer to this question is: it’ll help your bottom line. As CBD becomes more and more popular, your clients will be looking for CBD massages. Be able to offer them what they want! A CBD massage should be a part of every luxury spa’s menu.

Herbal Infusions – Colorado CBD Massage Oil

Our revolutionary, hemp-infused products are here to help you feel better. Our products utilize the best in Colorado-grown hemp and are engineered responsibly with nature in mind, using organic products as much as possible. We ensure that all of our CBD products, including our CBD massage oil, offer effective doing levels at an affordable price. Browse our Skin Care & Massage Products today!

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