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About Us

Once Upon A Time, there was a girl and a boy who fell madly in love and shortly thereafter got married and started a home of their own. In the years to come, they worked together on finding healthy, natural solutions to physical and emotional problems. 

The girl’s dad was hit by a mortar while fighting in Iraq after 9/11. He now suffers daily from physical pain, brain injury, and PTSD. The boy’s mom has suffered from MS her entire adult life. 

Consequently, in 2016 they formed a hemp extraction company, with their parents in mind. However, as the products in the hemp industry grew, they learned that villains and crooks were taking advantage of those in need. Not only were the unscrupulous companies robbing our communities, but they were also robbing their customers of the true hemp cannabinoid therapeutic experience!

As a result, the boy and girl launched another family business, Herbal Infusions — a revolutionary hemp-infused products company. Given the opportunity, Herbal Infusions can save your day! 

In formulating products, we always keep our parents in mind. Our products utilize the best Colorado-grown hemp and are engineered responsibly with nature in mind. In addition, we ensure that our CBD products offer effective dosing levels and at an affordable price. Herbal Infusions develops products with purpose and compassion. We wholly believe in our products and their potential to soothe and heal the mind and body. Browse our collections — we’re confident that you’ll see what sets us apart. 

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Our Mission

We use the ever-growing wealth of academic and scientific information when formulating all of our products. While developing our products, we try to utilize the recommended dosages found in academic studies that have shown tangible results. Many of the companies that currently sell hemp/CBD products in this industry do not have near enough CBD or sub-cannabinoids to have any real impact on general health. 

The aim of all of our products is to be at or above the researched dosages to achieve the maximum positive results. But the fact remains, everyone has unique body chemistry, so results can and do vary. Most customers will typically report noticeable positive wellness benefits within two weeks of suggested daily use. Shop now and find something that works for you.